It dates back to 1991 when my Dad brought me to my first “Sale of Work” in a local school, parents had stalls and stalls of old 60s, 70s toys for 20p and 30p, my dad bought me the board game mouse trap and we played for hrs with this! He paid 50p for it and I thought it was the business.

When it came to fashion I went around in my mothers 80s mules dragging them along the floors as a kid, I just couldn’t wait until I was old enough to have a pair of my own.

My dad was always a collector, he has piles of old Beano’s and Dandy Annuals in his attic, old coins, stamps, beer mats the list goes on…. So no guesses where I get my vintage love from.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that I started to really appreciate the story a piece of clothing could make. As I was travelling in Australia in 2009 I randomly popped into a thrift store and picked up some vintage gems and I was instantly hooked! My addiction began from there and has never ended. That moment has led me to where I am today, almost 17 years later I decided to follow my passion of vintage and Preloved fashion and open my shop Preloved by Shay and Jo – proudly called after my parents.

 I handpick all my clothes and really feel I have an eye for a unique and special piece. I am so passionate about what I do,I truly love it and my aim is to convince any fast fashion addict that you CAN have a wonderful – one of a kind outfit and still look super cool and trendy!

Some words about my store

I’ve bought a couple of things from Kat’s lovely shop and both times it was such a wonderful experience. From her fun and enjoyable “drops” on insta, to the lovely DM’s to arrange purchasing, prompt delivery, right through to the beautiful packaging! The items themselves were fabulous, great quality and freshly washed. I’ll definitely be buying again!

Melissa Rilot

I have always been a big fan of vintage shops but missed them so much during Covid. Thats when I discovered @prelovedbyshayandjo. They have a brilliant selection of vintage gems at bargain prices. When you buy vintage you are not just giving new life to garments you are also buying a very good quality garment and something unique that you are not going to see on everyone. Give Vintage a go and follow this fab account.

Grainne Flynn

Just love Preloved by Shay and Jo. Kat has everything to suit all sizes. Her story’s always make you smile and she has a unique way of selling that usually involves a lot of dancing. You can’t help but want to but something!

Xanthe Mc Cormick